"To date ERS has been the finest recruiting service I have had the pleasure to work with. Their staff contacted me about a position that was a perfect match for my skills and experience. ERS more than matched my enthusiasm and desire to obtain the position. They were professional and persistent throughout the selection process. They set me up for success and let me know the ball was in my court. Thanks to the staff at ERS I was able to take my career to the next level."

Operations Supervisor, Environmental Services Company

"The folks at ERS always provide us with great integrity and work ethic. We initially retained ERS for a one-off project in a field we were unfamiliar with. Their work impressed our company so much they became a preferred company-wide vendor and the industry expert we lean on when we need advice." Corporate Recruiter, National Environmental Service Provider

"In my experience with ERS, I've always experience a personable, reliable and trustworthy staff. As a candidate, these are all of the attributes that one should look for in a recruiter. I had the pleasure of using ERS in 2007 and they worked very diligently in providing quality employment opportunities for me during that period. I would recommend ERS to anyone who is either looking for employment or any employer looking for someone to fill critical positions within his/her organization."

Director of Site Services, National Environmental/Industrial Services Firm

"The best recruiter I've ever worked with. An expert in the Waste and Environmental Industry and the candidates sent to me are always strong and well vetted." Area Manager, Fortune 500 Disposal Company

"We had been having difficulty filling a Sales position in one of our territories. After meeting with Environmental Recruiting, we discussed the problems we had encountered finding someone, mainly lack of industry-focused talent in this area. ERS worked with us to uncover what the right characteristics for the role were. We moved away from a thought process of 'must have x, y, z' and instead focused on goals of the position. ERS came back to us within 4 days, with not only someone who can do the work needed, but also someone who was in our industry, selling to the same client base! After interviewing both candidates and consulting back with ERS, we opted to go with the candidate who was not directly in the business, and thus far, are thrilled! ERS took the time to work with us and understand our thought process, instead of just passing along someone who wasn't right at all. ERS will be hearing from us to fill our next opening." Regional Sales Manager of Waste Removal Company

"Being the HR Director of a large company, my plate is as full as one can be. Often times we reach out to Recruiting Firms to help assist us in filling some of our most difficult positions. Most reply back requesting a copy of a description the Department Head has drafted, then they are off to the races. Within a day or two, my mailbox is filled with resumes of candidates that are under/overqualified, and sometimes even candidates we've interviewed and passed on before. When I provide that feedback to those firms, the next round of candidates is hardly ever an improvement. With ERS, I receive a phone call asking to speak more in detail about the opportunity with myself and the hiring manager. The questions asked of us are extremely thorough. The present different scenarios of potential candidates and seem to really understand what we want and need. It seems we never have to go back to the drawing board when it comes to working with them. They certainly have saved us time since we began utilizing ERS. What I like most is the fact that I don't have to filter through their resumes only to come up empty. If they send, its almost always is what we need."

HR Director of a National Remediation Company

ERS did a wonderful job throughout my recruiting and job placement process. They made sure the position was right for me and I was right for the company. The owner is incredibly resourceful and knows what she is doing. I would recommend ERS to any of my friends or colleagues in the environmental industry. Placed in a Technical Sales position through ERS